Shigeyuki Suzuki

Academic RankProfessor
CourceDynamic Geology
Research AreasStratigraphy, Structural Geology, Sedimentology
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Research Subjects

  1. Geology and structural development of island arc (Japan Arc, Philippines Archipelago)
  2. Analysis of stratigraphy and paleoenvironment in eastern Asia (Permian and Triassic deposits of the Maizuru Belt, Triassic Nariwa Group, Cretaceous deposits of the Inner Side of Southwest Japan, Paleogene and Neogene deposits of Kibi Plateau Area, Cretaceous and Paleogene deposits of Heilongjiang Area, Neogene deposits of the Philippine Mobile Belt)
  3. Reconstruction of paleoenvironment of Quaternary Okayama Plain fluvial systems (collaboration with archaeologist)
  4. Cause of geological hazard (collaboration with civil engineering researcher)